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Zlichovaspis rugosa

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Lower Devonian

Formation: lhandar

Stage: Pragian (410.8 - 407.6 million years)

Location: Aatchana (Morocco)

Horizon: Dicranurus monstrosus

Measures trilobite: 7.8 cm / 3.07"

Matrix measures: 8.8 x6.8 x2.6 cm / 3.46" x 2.68" x 1.02"

Weight: 282 g / 0.622lb

Description: This specimen is the most big and with the most beautiful eyes I've seen so far. Well preserved sandblasted fossil, small repair to first right pleura before pygidium.


This piece will travel insured in a safety packageto arrive in perfect condition.

Zlichovaspis rugosa

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