Triple Austerops sp. (Barrandeops)

Era: Paleozoic 

Period: Middle Devonian 

Stage: Eifelian (397-391 ma)

From: Jorf (Morocco)

Ursus spelaeus

Era: Cenozoic

Epoch: Pleistocene

Origin: Carpathians (Romania)

Pleuroceras spinatum

Era: Mesozoic 

Period: Jurassic 

Stage: Pliensbachian (189 ma) 

Provenance: Würtemberg (Germany)


Metacanthina issoumourensis

Era: Paleozoic 

Period: Middle Devonian (393-388 ma) 

Stage: Eifelian 

Location: Djebel Issomour, Alnif (Morocco) 

Description: This trilobite has not been found in the usual timeline, but in a lower layer. 

Fulgurite (lightning tube)

Description: Fulgurite resulting from the fall of an atmospheric lightning on a sandy ground, causing the fusion of the silica grains, being crystallized in the form of a tube.

Origin: Sahara Desert (Algeria)


Era: Mesozoic

Period: Cretaceous

Origin: Kem-Kem (Morocco)

Osteolepis panderi

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Devonian

Origin: Caithness (Scotland)

Description: Osteolepis was a tetrapodomorphic sarcopterygian that lived in the fresh waters found in the plains of the North Atlantic continent. Due to their anatomical characteristics, they are located in the line that gave rise to amphibians.


Description: Gastrolites are stomach stones used within the digestive tract of an animal. Sauropod dinosaurs are believed to have used large amounts of rocks to crush the plant matter they fed on.

Era: Mesozoic

Period: Lower Cretaceous

Origin: Carter Country, Oklahoma (USA)

Oncolith around Brotia scheri

Era: Mesozoic

Epoch: Miocene

Origin: Aude (France)

Description: Concentric layers around Brotia scheri. Oncoliths are microbialites with spherical or ovoid sedimentary structures of organic origin, formed by concentric layers of calcium carbonate. 

Snake egg Ophidienovum sp.

Era: Cenozoic

Epoch: Eocene

Stage: Lutetian (48-40 Ma)

Origin: Bouxwiller, Lower Rhine (France)


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