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Period: Quaternary

Species: Homo Sapiens

Culture: Atherian (38,000 BC - 10,000 BC)

Material: Silex

Origin: Sahara Desert, NW Africa

Measures: 48 x 24x 6 mm / 1,89" x 0,94" x 0,24"

Weight: 8gr / 0.018lb

Description: The Aterian culture receives its name from the archaeological site of Bir-el-Ater, in Algeria. It originated in North Africa, later spreading throughout the Maghreb to the Sahara desert. The time limits covered by this culture are, even today, under constant review.

Therefore, we can appreciate in the same African period a whole technocultural horizon that encompasses the entire Middle Paleolithic and a good part of the European Upper Paleolithic.


100% natural specimen without repair or restoration. Beautiful surface polished by the desert wind over millennia.


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Aterian leaf tip

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