Meteorite NWA 13739

This meteorite was officially classified as a lunar meteorite by The Meteoritical Society on March 28, 2021. The fall was recorded near Tindouf (Algeria). The locals collected a total of 712g divided in many fragments. The main mass is 228g. The samples are irregular in shape and lack a fusion crust. In addition, most of the samples are covered by caliche (hardened edaphic deposit of calcium carbonate), which is also found inside the samples, although to a lesser extent. The interior is a breccia of dark color and fine grain.

Weight: 0.8 g / 0.00176 lb

Measurements Piece: 1.53 x 0.9 x 0.6 cm/0, x0.35 x0.23"

This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Lunar Meteorite NWA 13739