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This original Toptrilos design has been specially created for trilobite lovers, inspired by the photographs taken of one of our favorite pieces, our spectacular Comura bultyncki. This trilobite was found in the Jbel Oufaten quarry, in the Taharajat region (Morocco) thanks to the prospectors, who work exposed to the harsh temperatures of the desert for ten hours a day to remove tons of stone until they reach the right layer. But the work does not end here, then began the meticulous cleaning task until removing all the stone that surrounded it to bring this wonder back to light after more than 380 million years. With this t-shirt we make the most exclusive trilobites with a unique design available to all of you.

Printing technique: Silkscreen. Maximum duration.

Material: 100% Cotton

Color: Black

Comura bultyncki Design T-shirt

  • Talla/












    69 / 26.91 47.5 / 18.53 16.5 / 6.44
    M 71.5 / 27.89 53 / 20.67 19 / 7.41
    L 74 / 29.13 55 / 21.65 19 / 7.41

    Si no encuentra su talla, ¡puede escribirnos! Intentaremos reponer el stock lo más rápido posible / If you can't find your size, write us! We will try to replenish the stock as soon as possible.

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