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Zlichovaspis rugosa

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Lower Devonian

Stage: Pragian (410.8 - 407.6 million years)

Location: Aatchana, Errachidia province (Morocco)

Formation: Lhandar

Horizon: Dicranurus monstrosus & Crotalocephalus gibbus

Coordinates: 30°50'18.3"N 4°58'43.5"W

Description: 100% natural sandblasted fossil, well preserved, without repair or thorns from other trilobite or resins.

Trilobite measurements: 70 x 42 mm / 2,75 x 1,65"

Matrix Measurements: 92 x 66 x 20 mm / 3,62 x 2,6 x 0,79"

Weight: 357 g / 0,787 lb


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Zlichovaspis rugosa

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