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Acanthopyge (Lobopyge) bassei (Chatterton & Gibb 2010)

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Lower Devonian

Stage: Emsian (407.6- 393.3 Ma)

Location: Djbel Issoumoure

Formation: El Otfal

Horizon: Erbenochile issomourensis

Coordinates: 30°55'11.5"N 4°57'58.6"W

Region: Drâa-Tafilalet

Province: Tinghir, Morocco
Trilobite measurements (length): 21, 20 & 12mm / 0.83" 0.79" & 0,47"

Matrix measurements: 80 x 67 x 62mm / 3.15 x 2.64" x 2.44"

Weight: 317g / 0.699lb

Description: This is the first time we have found this species in Toptrilos, and what better way to introduce ourselves than with a matrix with three specimens. Sandblasted fossil, well preserved, 100% natural, no repair, no other trilobite spines or paint.


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Triple Acanthopyge (Lobopyge) bassei

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