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Termierella latifrons (Hupé 1953)

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Early Cambrian

Age: Floor 3, Series 2, Banian, Atdavanian, term used in Siberia and Ovetian, defined for the Mediterranean region (521.4 - 514.4 million years)

Location: Issafen (Morocco)

Formation: Issafen

Province: Tata, Souss-Massa Region (Morocco)

Coordinates: 29°51'44.5"N 8°30'17.9"W

Trilobite Measurements: 53mm / 2.09"

Matrix measurements: 129 x 92 x 26mm / 2.44 x 1.5"

Weight: 477g / 1,051lb

Description: Trilobites in this area are extremely rare and difficult to find in good condition. Fossil sandblasted, well preserved. Minimal repair, without paint or varnish of any kind.


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Termierella latifrons

450,00 €Price
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