Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Era: Mesozoic

Period: Cretaceous

Stage: Cenomanian-Turonian (100.5 - 89.8 Ma)

Formation: Tegana (Red Sand)

Origin: Kem Kem Valley, Begaa, near Taouz, Errachidia Province (Morocco)

Coordinates: 30°53'53.7"N 3°51'48.6"W

Measurements: Length 70mm 2.76" / thickness 32mm 1.26

Weight: 54g / 0.119lb

Description: The enamel of this piece is 100% natural, it has no restorations.


The beds of Kem Kem They are located along the border of Morocco with Algeria. These are continental deposits belonging to the Cretaceous period, specifically the Cenomanian floor (100.5 - 93.9 million years). The area is made up of a spectacular stone cliff that stretches 250 kilometers in length and comprises a mighty 150-200m sequence of fluvial siltstones and sandstones. Various species