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Era: Mesozoic

Period: Cretaceous

Age: Cenomanian-Turonian (100.5 - 89.8 Ma)

Formation: Tegana (Red Sand)

Origin: Valley of Kem-Kem, Begaa, near Taouz.

Province: Errachidia

Region: Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco

Claw measurements: 57mm / 2,24"

Weight: 11g / 0.025Lb

Coordinates: 30°53'53.7"N 3°51'48.6"W

Description: The piece has been repaired, since it was broken when it was extracted. It has just come back together, uniting both parts. This claw belongs to the foot of a carnivorous dinosaur, it could be Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus or an Abelisaurus. Really rare material, we had never had a claw of this size and quality in Toptrilos, it is without a doubt a great opportunity. Gift presentation box.


The Kem Kem beds are located along the Moroccan border with Algeria. These are continental deposits belonging to the Cretaceous period, specifically to the Cenomanian stage (100.5 - 93.9 million years). The area is composed of a spectacular stone cliff that stretches over 250 kilometers in length and comprises a powerful sequence of between 150-200m of siltstones and fluvial sandstones. Several species of vertebrates, including elasmobranchs, bony fish, coelacanths, turtles, crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs, and birds have been found in this area. It is for this reason that various researchers from the most prestigious universities have referred to this site as "an area where danger lurks by land, sea and air." All of them agree that this site "constitutes a window to the Age of Dinosaurs in Africa." It is precisely here, in Kem Kem, where the fossil remains of three of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever known have been found.


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Carnivorous dinosaur claw

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