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Tylosaurus sp.

Era: Mesozoic

Period: Upper Cretaceous

Stage: Maastrichtian (72.1 - 66 millions of years)

Origin: Oued Zem (Morocco)

Formation: Abdoun Ouled Basin

Matrix measurements: 146 x 72 x 50mm / 5.75" x 2.83" x 1.97"

Tooth measurements: 101mm / 3.98"

Weight: 437g / 0.965lb

Coordinates: 32°50'40.7"N 6°34'13.5"W

Description:. This species is less common than other mosasaurs, it is undoubtedly a piece with a high value. The enamel is 100% natural, it has no restorations or paint.


The last Cretaceous phosphates of Morocco preserve the greatest biodiversity of mosasaurid squamates of any part of the world. Intensive sampling over the past century has uncovered at least ten genera and thirteen species of the Halisauromorpha, Plioplatecarpinae, and Mosasaurinae mosasaur subgroups. In particular, members of the macropredatory Tylosaurinae are missing from the set. Tylosaurinae were globally rare in the Maastrichtian and their apparent absence has previously been explained by collection bias, ecological preference for deeper waters, or habitat restriction to higher paleolatitudes. Tylosaurine mosasaurids are characterized by possessing leaf-shaped teeth that are laterally compressed, surrounded by enamel facets, and differentiated along the dental margin.


This piece will travel insuredi n a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Tylosaurus sp.

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