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Asaphellus sp.

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Lower Ordovician

Location: near Taouz, Errachidia Province, Morocco

Coordinates: 30 ° 50'21.0 "N 4 ° 14'11.3" W

Description: This is an impressive plaque of Asapellus sp. with 20 specimens, 7 of them complete and 13 partially complete. To get this marvel out of the stone it has taken more than 100 hours of work with different machines in a meticulous work carried out by expert hands.

Only by having her in front of you do you realize how incredibly beautiful and incredible what is .

Plate measurements: 64 x 40 x 4cm / 25.19 "x 15.74" x 1.57 "

Trilobite size: 14 cm / 5.51 "

Weight: 16.10 kg / 35.49 lb


This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Mortality plate Asaphellus sp.

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