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Elrathia kingii (Meek, 1870)

Era: Paleozoic

Period: Middle Cambrian

Stage 3 Miaolingian

Stage: Drumian (504.5 - 500.5 million years)

Location: House Range, Antelope Springs

Formation: Wheeler

County: Millard, Utah, USA

Coordinates: 39°23'27.8"N 113°18'31.3"W

Trilobite measurements: 10 x 8mm / 0,39 x 0,31

Matrix measurements:  71 x 42 x 7mm / 2,8" x 1,65"x 0,28"

Weight: 41g / 0,090lb

Description: 100% natural fossil trilobite, free of paint or varnish, well preserved.

This piece will travel insured in a safety package to arrive in perfect condition.

Elrathia kingii

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