Megaloceros giganteus

Era: Cenozoic

Period: Quaternary

Epoch: Pleistocene

Origin: North Sea (Netherlands)

Description: Piece not restored, but varnished to avoid fragmentation. The Irish elk, giant deer or megalocero (Megaloceros giganteus) is the largest deer in history. Similar to a large fallow deer, its antlers measured up to 3.5 m from tip to tip. Although it lived throughout Europe and much of Asia from half a million years ago until its extinction in recent times, it is often popularly known as the "Irish elk" because of the abundant finds of specimens preserved in the peatlands of Ireland. The giant deer reached a height of 2.2 m at the withers in the case of males, considerably higher than the largest of the moose. It was a species with strong sexual dimorphism, as the females were considerably smaller and graceful than the males, in addition to lacking their impressive antlers (Source:

Length: 18.3 cm / 7.14 "

Weight: 0.438 Kg


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Deer Antler (Megaloceros giganteus)